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Brand New Exclusive  Jewellery Design

King of the Jungle – Lion Signet

The King of the Jungle has been a symbol of “Courage” & “Strength” throughout centuries. We’ve engraved the words “Courage” & “Strength” on the shoulders. Redesigning the symbol – to reclaim its meaning through our new signet ring collection. Handmade with purpose.

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Roubos Club Signet Ring

The origins of a signet ring has been traced back as far as 3500 BC. All throughout history, the signet ring was once worn by Ancient Egypt Pharaohs, religious leaders and nobles. Used to seal a variety of envelopes, jars and packages, they also functioned in the same way as corporate seals do today, and of course, this is where the corporate seal and branding logo comes from. Whether you wear the ring as a status symbol, for authentication or simply because it was handed down to you, a signet ring is still considered a mark of the gentleman.